About Us and Joining

Lake Padden Golf Course Hole #3

Your Steering Committee Members

President Jill Hoyt
Vice PresidentPeg Seeling
TreasurerJackie Reed
SecretaryKaren Walker
Past President Amy Whiting
Entertainment/ TournamentDawn Wefer, Janet Brotzler, Ellie Pierce
Membership/HandicapApril Markiewicz
Mt Baker LeagueApril Markiewicz
Parks LiaisonEllie Pierce
WSWPLALeslie Bryson
Communications CoordinatorNancy Lawrence
Website ManagerApril Markiewicz
Facebook ManagerLinda Suggs

About Us

The Lake Padden Ladies Twilight League was formed in 1978 at the Bellingham, WA Lake Padden Golf Course.  The main purpose of the league is to provide a venue for women to golf, network, develop social contacts among its membership and with women at other golf clubs, establish an official golf handicap to access and compete in local, state, and national golf events, and have fun!

We welcome new members all season long and on average have about 50 women of all skill levels in our membership each year.  We begin our season on the first Tuesday of April and our season ends with an end-of-the-year banquet the third week of September.  During the season, the Lake Padden Golf Course blocks off every Tuesday from 4:16pm to 5:28 pm for our players to play 9 holes of golf.  Some of our members like going out earlier, but most of our members are on the course by 5:15 pm.  After the round, many of us meet at the clubhouse, have dinner together, and socialize.  (Given the current health advisories, we will not be meeting up after golf until further notification.)

About half of our members work during the week, whereas the rest are either retired or worked raising a family and are now enjoying the extra free time.  We have a Steering Committee (SC) that takes care of the business of our league (and we’re always looking for volunteers!).  The Entertainment Committee co-chairs on the SC make sure we have games to play each week, organize the August Tournament activities, and award prizes (Please see the Activities and Events webpage).  The weekly games are optional and cost $1 to participate, for example fewest putts, count only your score for even number holes, closest to the pin, etc.  The following week, the winner of the previous week’s games get their cash prize.  We award prizes by handicap divisions, so players with like handicaps are competing against each other. 

We all have a lot of fun.  If you have played in a league before, you probably had a GHIN, but if a player is inactive for more than three years, the numbers are recycled and another one issued to you once you join a league.  It is free and easy for us to arrange for you once you become a member.  To establish a handicap all you need to do is play 54 holes of golf (any combination of 9 or 18 hole rounds) and record your score online using the USGA GHIN app or at the clubhouse.


Membership dues are $66 for those members who keep their handicap with our league and $30 for those that don’t.  The dues are disbursed as follows:  $36 is paid to WaGolf to make you a member of WaGolf and enable you access to the USGA handicap indexing service (GHIN), $28 is used by our league to provide prizes and awards for monthly games/contest winners, and help fund our end-of-the-season banquet in September, and $2 are donated to the Lake Padden PGA Junior Golf League Team.  To download the membership form, please click on this link: 2022 Lake Padden Ladies Twilight League Membership Form.