Making a Tee Time

General Information:

  • Tee times are “reserved” on a first come, first served basis.
  • You can make tee times for up to four players.
  • To consolidate tee times so that there are not opportunities for other (non-league) players to be inserted between our players, tee times may be adjusted.  Any affected players will be contacted via email by Monday of the week of play.
  • During League Match Play, tee time options may be more limited and you may be asked to change your tee time.
  • On Monday morning all scheduled tee times are submitted to the Lake Padden Golf Course and any additions, cancellations, or other changes need to be phoned in to the clubhouse at 360-738-7401.

To make a tee time for the following Tuesday you have three options:

  1. You may email April at anytime starting Tuesday morning through Sunday night.  Tee times start at 3:28 pm and end at 5:28, with tee times every 8 minutes. 
    • You can email the specific tee time slot you want.
    • You can email the approximate time you would like to tee off.
  2. Sign-up on the tee time sign-up sheet that will be at the Starter’s Hut when you check in Tuesday to play.