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New Email Address

The men’s club has a new email address that is automatically forwarded to my email address. This should eliminate the issue of not getting members email.

The new address is,

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Les Townzen

March 2021: World Handicap system is now in place. Click on the following links for additional information.

Frequency of Handicap Updates

Maximum Hole Score

Treatment of Nine Hole Scores


The men’s club every year awards has an award that is given to the person with highest point total for the year.

The winner for each year has their name engraved on the Tumwater Cup Trophy that is in the pro shop by our drop box.

This year to make things more interesting and to make winning the cup race a higher priority, the board has come up with a process or RACE FOR THE CUP rules.

How to you get points?

How to accumulate points. Point Value
Attend a spring or fall meeting 5
Participate in a men’s club event during the scoring season. (March-Oct) 5
Additional points are earned based upon where you place in your flight for each event for both gross finish and net finish Varies, Min 2 pts.
If you play on the event day. 2
Playing with guest at the member/guest event. 5
Referrals for signing up a new member 5
Play in a TGA event 5
Play in the club championship Double pts.
Play in the final RACE FOR THE CUP event Double pts.

The race for the cup will conclude at the end of the scoring season after the October 2nd event. The top 40 players on the cup point list, will compete the following Saturday on October 9th in the cup finals.

Those 40 people will be divided into 4 flights, and all points will be doubled.

The person who tops the list at the end of the final cup event will be crowned the cup winner.

The board by doing this hopes that this will place a higher priority for members to compete in our events.

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